“How to oil your hair?”, “What to oil your hair with?”, “What should you apply the oil on?” – these and many other questions are asked by Internet users in search of answers to how to help your hair to be nourished, beautiful and shiny. The topic of hair oiling has become quite popular, although not enough to stop talking about it. This is a great care method that is worth knowing and using. Today we will tell you how to perform hair oiling with foundation, or “wet” hair treatment.


As you already know from the introduction to this article, wet hair oiling involves applying oil to wet hair. Wet the hair before applying the oil to open the hair cuticles so that the substance applied as a foundation can penetrate into its structure. The oil will play a protective and nourishing role so that our foundation does not evaporate too quickly and that the oil itself can penetrate between the hair cuticles. Additionally, applying the oil to wet hair is faster, easier and its absorption more efficient.

Have you ever wondered why oiling is recommended for wet hair instead of dry hair?

Of course, dry hair oiling also has its supporters. However, it differs in the essence of the process. In oiling for dry hair, the oil plays only an occlusive role – it protects the hair against the loss of natural moisture and the effects of external factors (cool air, wind). It will not provide hair with additional ingredients contained in the oil or those contained in the oil base. Therefore, wet oiling is a more efficient method and recommended especially for people with dry and very damaged hair.


Saying that this is the perfect method for dry hair is definitely not enough. It is worth mentioning here that the wet hair oiling method will be loved by medium and high porosity hair. Usually, hair with these porosities has a tendency to curl. And in fact, this is a method that the vast majority of #curlygirls love. On the other hand, if you have low porosity hair and your hair is healthy and shiny – don’t worry. You too can benefit from the benefits of using this care method, because it is always worth taking care of your hair – not only when it is really bad.


Oiling with a moisturizing foundation is one of the most common treatments, next to oiling for normally wet hair. In today’s article, we will focus on hair oiling with a moisturizing foundation, which is a hydrosol. These are floral waters or diluted plant essences. In our online store you can choose the type of hydrosol your hair needs. You will find the necessary information about each hydrolate in the product description.


There are several different ways to apply the hydrolate. You can spray it on the ends of the hair, the entire length of the hair together with the scalp, or stop in the middle of the length. What it depends on? Whether you have very damaged hair only at the ends, or you want to stimulate your hair bulbs on your scalp … to sum up: use the hydrolate where you think there is the greatest need for nourishment!


Apply the oil where you used the hydrolate before. If you are wondering how to choose the right oil for the hair structure – read our previous article on the properties of oils in the context of hair care: LINK

Hair oiling cannot be loaded with any stylers, mousses or hair gums.


It is recommended that after applying the oil, a gentle massage of the head should be performed, then wrapped the hair with a warm towel and a foil cap and hold the warm compress in this way for at least 30 minutes.


Washing off the oil is a very important process that is often not properly done. And it is through the inadequate completion of care that we can turn our efforts to ruin. The oil must be emulsified. To do this, after rolling the towel, apply a conditioner on your hair. Then rinse your hair and wash it with a mild shampoo (SLS-free). SLS are safe and important substances in shampoos, but they are detergents that we should use, for example, once a week. Hair maniacs call this type of shampoo “rypaczami”. After washing, apply conditioner, rinse and protect the ends of your hair with oil.

And voila! Wet oiling treatment is a success! We are convinced that your hair will repay you and will be your pride.
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