Hard week? Are you wondering how to make yourself a unique relaxing evening in the comfort of your home, like in a spa? Imagine: the delicate twilight, the glow of flickering candles, and the soothing scent of natural herbs is floating in the air. Sounds tempting? Today we suggest how to prepare a relaxing bath in your bathroom.


Nothing is as unnerving as seeing dust or mold on the joints of the bathtub. We advise you to clean before you start any preparations for relaxation. This is an absolute must: a clean bathroom equals a clean head and inner peace. Do you think this is a trivial topic? That’s possible. However, we know that many have forgotten about it. And maintaining an appropriate level of cleanliness in a given room is not only aesthetics, but above all safety.


Warm, soft light allows you to calm down. You can do this by reducing the amount of lights on or lighting candles. However, remember about your safety. Candles placed on the narrow rim of the bathtub are not a good idea. First of all, when you fall inside the bathtubs, they can burn you (even if the fire is extinguished by water, hot wax on delicate and fluffy skin does not bode well). Falling outside on, for example, a bathroom rug – it may start a fire. SPA ended with the arrival of the fire brigade? I don’t think anyone would like to experience this!


Are you one of those people who feel best in silence? Do you like to hear only the splash of water against the sides of the bathtub? Or maybe you prefer relaxing mantras, the sound of Tibetan bowls and the soothing singing of birds? Nowadays, you can find your favorite music in seconds. Remember, however, that the electrical device (e.g. loudspeaker) should be kept away from the bathtub in which you will relax. We are convinced that taking care of the audio aspect will significantly increase the positive impressions of your home spa.


What would a bath be without properly selected natural care products? When preparing your own SPA, you should pamper all your senses, so now it’s time for soothing aromatherapy. We have a lot of cosmetics to choose from. Bath bombs are especially famous. We, on the other hand, recommend these natural products with proven properties: salts and herbal mixtures or essential oils.

Natural prebiotic baths can do a lot of good for our skin. Ask yourself: what do you and your skin need? Is it time for a soothing and moisturizing session or maybe a relaxing and nourishing session? In addition to herbal mixtures, you can choose salts for special tasks: carnallite or bitter magnesium – EPSOM. You can find out about the most important properties of these cosmetic products by reading their descriptions on our website. However, if you are not sure what will be best for you, write to us on Messenger. Our experts will help you choose a cosmetic that will meet your needs.


After a relaxing bath, it is good to ensure that its caring properties stay with us for longer. After thoroughly drying the skin, we suggest you moisturize it with your favorite natural body lotion. Our prebiotic stick balm with the scent of juicy mango and apricot will be perfect for this.

We can perform this type of soothing treatments completely independently in our own home. And sure that you will not fail to try our methods for an evening at your home spa, we wish you a successful and blissful time in the delicate aroma of herbs. If you need help choosing the right care products – write us a message!