We often come across the statement that summer is the perfect time of the year for our skin. Meanwhile, in summer, the skin is exposed to burns due to too much sunlight. Lack of moisture and drying wind – these are enough reasons to read what treatments should be performed in the summer to enjoy smooth skin. Summer skin care? We have a way!


In summer, the sebaceous glands work much more intensively. And this promotes clogging and the formation of blackheads. How to avoid it? Carry out a thorough daily skin cleansing. If you put on makeup, remember to use micellar fluid to wash it off. Only after this stage, start cleansing the skin with water.


To be clear: we do not recommend peeling the skin too often. However, in summer you should also remember to get rid of dead skin cells. Perform a peeling at least once a week to stimulate the skin to regenerate. You can successfully apply one of our scrubs available here. If, on the other hand, you are a bit confused now because you have heard that summer is not the right time for peels, we will agree with you on one condition: that it is about exfoliation with acids. Indeed, the use of acids in summer is not recommended, and even discouraged. After using them, you should avoid the sun because of the discoloration.


It is in summer that the skin requires special care in terms of moisturizing. Dry air, salt from the sea breeze and high temperatures … it’s out of the way for your skin! Lack of hydration is one of the basic mistakes that happens very often. Cosmetologists wring their hands when they see in the door of their offices more patients who have problems with their skin due to insufficient hydration. And often it is enough to remember to apply a moisturizer. If you also have a problem with dry elbows, stock up on one of our body lotions. We guarantee that the skin will thank you for it!


We suspect that you may be allergic to the next mention of sunscreen creams. We are aware that this is a very popular topic and has been discussed recently in every medium in every possible way. But consider why this is so. We sound the alarm so as not to ignore the effects of the sun on human skin. Excessive tanning, “beetroot on your back” is not a healthy condition for your skin. As a result of increased regeneration due to burns, as well as due to UV radiation, numerous mutations in skin cells can occur. And this is one step away from the emergence of a dangerous neoplastic lesion.


Skin care also requires us to use cosmetics that have the addition of filters. In our Natural Active Cream – Elixir for the day, we have included SPF 8. However, when going out into the strong sun, you should take extra protection. There are various types of mists with a high SPF factor available on the cosmetics market.


If you think that proper care applies only to the use of cosmetics, then we are in a hurry to explain. Adequate irrigation should also be carried out from the inside. Especially in summer, remember to drink plenty of water. Along with sweat, we get rid of it from our body, and high temperatures promote dehydration, which should not be allowed! If you forget to drink water, we recommend installing the free app that will remind you to refill your fluids. An adult should drink about 2 liters of water a day.

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