Facial cosmetics are not products that are used only on holidays. They accompany us (or at least should) every day throughout the year. However, spring has something energizing and motivating to take more action to support our natural beauty. Warmer and warmer weather and more sunshine puts a smile on our faces. And with pleasure we reach for the goods of nature, which also wake up to life. Spring natural face care is not an invention – a real need for more and more of our consumers. Today, we show you how to carry out your spring skincare routine with our help!


Spring is a beautiful time of year during which our entire world awakens to life. You hear the ever-bolder chirp of sparrows, and the delicate scent of flowers and fresh grass is in the air. And the wind. After all, we can’t forget about the spring breeze – it’s the one that wraps our face and leads us towards the final wake-up call. And we wake up too! After the winter our skin is often grayish, dull and very tired. It’s time to stimulate it, renew it and revive it. A smile will appear on its own, so the next steps we will easily take together to restore our complexion to a radiant glow. Let others see that spring is blooming in us too!


It’s important to focus on your body in a holistic way. Looking at yourself as a whole gives the best results, and BOSQIE always encourages you to do so: nurture your body and spirit! So today we remind you what you should pay special attention to.

For spring:

drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside,
make sure to eat fresh fruit and vegetables,
take plenty of walks in the fresh air,
take care of regular physical exercise (maybe it is time to return to your favorite sport?).


When the healthy lifestyle issues are behind us, it’s time to choose cosmetics. At BOSQA we focus on NATURE. In the spring, it is especially worth remembering our article on facial care mistakes, as well as the second article on morning face cleansing. Now that you’ve read them, you know quite a bit about how to use the different facial care products one by one. So without further ado, here are our picks from each category, so you can easily put together your spring beauty bag!

1. Cleansing the face


2. Natural Hydrolat

3. Face creams

On the occasion of the approaching spring we wish you cheerfulness, a smile and as little worries as possible. May your skin radiate with the glow of nature!