The first day of spring is behind us, so it’s officially time to start spring cleaning naturally! With our help (previous posts to be exact) you have already tidied up your “beauty zones”. Surely you already have the right skincare products for spring (and if not, we encourage you to catch up). But how can you use cosmetic products such as essential oils to refresh the interiors of your homes and apartments in the spring? Are you curious about the perfect springtime uses for natural essential oils? Then read on.


We guess that such a title on the blog of a manufacturer of natural cosmetics can be a real curiosity. However, we want to tell you about all the uses of essential oils (and there are quite a few and you have certainly read about many of them in our posts!). Thanks to essential oils you will bring into your interior not only exceptional cleanliness but also a wonderful atmosphere. And you will do it completely…naturally!


How to get a clean floor and a beautiful scent? Pour a few drops of grapefruit essential oil into a bucket of water. Wash the floor with this concoction. The oil will evaporate and you will smell a citrus note in the air – just in time for spring!

olejek eteryczny


How to get citrus-scented spring laundry? Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your washing machine and enjoy the special freshness! See how such a detail can make all the difference. You can find lemon oil below :)


A way to have a naturally beautiful scent as soon as you cross the threshold of your home? Essential oils applied in the corners of carpets, on textiles (pillows). Just a short moment and a few drops are enough to make your living room or bedroom smell the fragrance you love. Try it out and see how essential oils can change our daily lives.

Spring is creeping into our homes. Let it bloom well and enjoy the best that nature has for us. Essential oils are true miracles straight from nature – pure plant essences.  If you have questions about our products – write to us on our social media.