Daily body hygiene is the basis of healthy habits. Every evening, in the privacy of our home bathroom, we wash away the toils and joys of the past day, preparing for rest.  This daily body washing routine is often underestimated. We choose “just any soap”, which quickly washes away what we need and we do not think about how it will affect our skin or mood. And shower gel is a very important cosmetic in skin care. 


One of the most important aspects that we should pay attention when choosing a shower gel, is the composition of the product. Does it contain artificial, synthetic substances, strong detergents, causing our skin to lose moisture? Strong washing agents disturb the natural microbiome of our skin. And this in turn results in imbalance, including hydrolipidic balance.

The natural composition of a cosmetic product is a great value, which should be the biggest factor affecting our purchasing decisions. Only by choosing what is natural, healthy and safe, we decide to take care of our bodies with love.


The evening effect on the senses is important.  Thanks to it, we can put ourselves in a mood, calm down, prepare our body and mind for rest. Certainly the choice of gel should be consistent with our fragrance preferences. We do not recommend entering the shower every evening with the feeling that you need to quickly wash away the bad smell of gel. Every activity we do should be done with love for ourselves. And self-love means doing what is in harmony with our inner self. That is why in BOSQIE we have prepared several fragrance variants. You can find a gel with a sweet scent, as well as more sophisticated. The choice is entirely up to you.


In our store you can order two capacities of shower gel: 150 ml and 500 ml. If you are going for a short trip, it is worth buying a smaller bottle of gel, so it will not take up much space in your suitcase. For everyday skin care, however, we recommend the 500 ml variant – this solution will ensure that you will enjoy your favourite gel for a long time.


We strongly encourage you to discover our BOSQIE shower gels – nature enclosed in recyclable packaging. We put the heart and beauty of nature in every bottle. We invite you to discover the most precious things we have on earth.