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Prebiotic, hypoallergenic, 100% natural body lotion, fragrance-free.
It gently cares for the skin without disturbing its natural hydro-lipid balance, maintains the optimal level of hydration and soothes irritations. Carefully selected ingredients ensure that the mild lotion nourishes and calms your skin, leading to smoother, better-looking skin. The balm improves flexibility and hydration. It reduces irritation, cracks in the epidermis and itching, leaving the skin soft and smooth for a long time.

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100% natural, hypoallergenic, prebiotic balm has a soothing effect on the whole body, and also does not contain a fragrance – it is ideal for extremely demanding and sensitive skin. BOSQIE natural body lotion is a composition of natural, specially selected ingredients. By combining and mutually enhancing their properties, the ingredients nourish, regenerate and rebuild the cell structure of even the most demanding skin. A carefully developed formula intensively rebuilds damaged and cracked skin, strengthens its protective barrier and protects the natural hydro-lipid coat. The wealth of active ingredients quickly regenerates and gives immediate relief to rough and dry skin.

100% natural BOSQIE lotion has been specially designed for sensitive skin to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and irritation. The product has successfully passed dermatological tests.

The numerous antioxidants present in the contained extracts prevent the appearance of wrinkles and improve the color and appearance of the skin in a very short time.

Natural, odorless BOSQIE body lotion

  • NO artificial substances,
  • physiological Ph 5.5,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • natural, ecological cosmetic,
  • cosmetics for women, men and children,
  • does not contain a smell,
  • 100% natural ingredients.

For whom?
Its unique composition and texture make it suitable for all skin types. Especially for very dry, sensitive and delicate children’s skin.
Our balm is a 100% natural cosmetic that spreads well on the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film. It can also be used for massage – allow yourself to relax and care for it all in one.
Packaging: 150 ml bottle with a pump.

Directions for use:
Apply the lotion on clean and dry skin, preferably after a bath. We recommend using it once a day. Remember to massage the skin for as long as possible, which will stimulate its circulation and make the cosmetic better absorbed.

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