Nourishing stick balm moisturizes, smoothes and relieves dry and irritated skin.

As much as 99.2% is a natural composition: mango butter, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, linseed and rice oil. It is suitable for the care of the whole body, including heels, hands, lips, elbows, knees, feet and hair ends. Perfectly regenerates and cares for flaky skin, has anti-wrinkle properties, and improves skin elasticity. It protects the skin against wind and cold and soothes the skin after exposure to the sun and after contact with insects.


80 g

Naturalne składniki

99,2 %

Szybka wysyłka

w 24h




Advantages of the BOSQIE stick balm:

  • smoothes and nourishes the skin of the whole body;
  • protects damaged, cracked areas of the skin;
  • contains 99.2% of natural ingredients;
  • does not irritate and does not clog pores;
  • has an anti-wrinkle effect;
  • does not leave a sticky layer on the skin;
  • easy and convenient form of application, absorbs quickly;
  • improves the level of skin hydration and elasticity;
  • it is convenient and practical for travel;
  • perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin;
  • it can be used on the whole body – hair, hands, feet, lips all year round.



By choosing stick body lotion, you reduce the possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction, because we have carefully selected the ingredients from which it is made. You will not find substances of animal origin, artificial colors or preservatives here. Drugstore creams usually contain paraffin, which only works when the cream is applied. Our balm works long-term because it is based on oils that nourish your skin for a long time. Regular application will strengthen the natural protective barrier of your skin, unlike other creams with synthetic ingredients.


We often do not realize that by inappropriate care or choosing a cosmetic based on the fragrance or nice packaging, we can contribute to the deterioration of the condition of our skin, as well as causing irritation or allergies. That is why it is worth reaching for natural cosmetics that will restore the condition of our skin. In addition, they will ensure optimal hydration, lubrication and give the skin a healthy glow for a long time.


Why BOSQIE Stick Body Lotion?

It is 99.2% natural: mango butter, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, linseed oil, rice oil – no additional artificial fixers or fillers.


How to use: remove the cap, twist the stick, warm the balm on the palm of your hand by gently rubbing it, then rub it in the places you want. After use, you can screw the stick inside. Apply to cleansed skin. The lotion melts on contact with the skin. It is smooth, easy and convenient to use. The stick formula makes it very efficient. Say goodbye to dry skin and say hello to instant hydration.


Effect: oily, moisturized and regenerated skin, protected against UV radiation and harmful external factors.

All the oils and butter mentioned in the composition were extracted unrefined. This means that they have not been heat treated. As a result, they are richer in nutrients and have their natural color and smell. They are more active and give better care results.


The vitamin E contained in it, called the vitamin of youth, not only extends the life of our skin, but also the balm – preventing its premature degradation.


Coconut oil helps soothe skin inflammations, heals wounds, protects against UV radiation, but above all, it perfectly moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Beeswax lubricates and protects against drying. It is thanks to him that our balm spreads so well and is absorbed incredibly quickly, leaving a protective filter on your body. An effective weapon against dry, flabby and mature skin is linseed oil, which helps to maintain the water-fat balance. It contains a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids (over 50%). Their absence causes dehydration of the skin, and thus the formation of premature wrinkles.


The main ingredient of the balm, responsible for its sweet aroma, is the butter obtained from the seeds of the mango tree, the list of properties of which is very long. Intensively moisturizes, smoothes and firms the body. It contains natural antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, supports the synthesis of collagen and tightens the skin. It has a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair. Thanks to this, our balm can also be used e.g. for dry hair ends.


Designed for all skin types. Especially recommended for the care of dry, dehydrated, damaged, flaky, wrinkled, irritated, atopic skin, with psoriasis and minor irritations. It is a natural sunscreen, which is why it is an ideal cosmetic for summer, however, it can be used all year round on skin and hair. We also recommend it for body massage.


Store the lotion in a shaded place at room temperature.


Dermatologically tested.


Contraindications: do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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