The concentrated and active hydrosol from wild mallow flowers BOSQIE is a natural product. It is an excellent emollient, thanks to the high content of mucus, it creates an invisible protective layer on the surface of the skin that prevents moisture loss. Regular use promotes the formation of elastin, thanks to which the skin is smooth, well moisturized and supple. Hydrolate effectively soothes, soothes skin irritations and reduces hypersensitivity to weather conditions. For all skin types, especially recommended for dry, dehydrated, mature, tired, gray, but also sensitive and allergic skin.


100 ml

Naturalne składniki

100 %

Szybka wysyłka

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BOSQIE wild mallow hydrosol – benefits of use
Our wild mallow hydrolate has a number of unique properties:

It moisturizes and smoothes the skin, has anti-aging properties.
It protects the skin against moisture loss.
It has antioxidant properties, i.e. protects the skin against free radicals.
It soothes irritations, soothes and regenerates.
Firms and tones the skin.
It restores the skin’s vitality and radiance.
Refreshes, tones and restores the skin’s proper pH.
Recommended dosage: 5 – 100%, can be applied directly to the skin.

Directions for use:
As a tonic: spray directly onto cleansed facial skin and apply cream, serum or oil. The hydrosol will intensify the moisturizing effect of the cosmetics used and make them absorbed faster, and the skin will be velvety smooth.
Cream enhancement: enrich your favorite face cream with the hydrolate immediately before use.

Make-up removal: use the hydrosol as a gentle make-up remover for the face and eyes; can do great even with waterproof cosmetics. Regular rinsing of the cleansed skin with the hydrolate will reduce redness and roughness of the skin.

As a base for masks: mix a small amount of hydrolate with the powder of the mask or clay and mix thoroughly. If you notice that the clay mask becomes dry on the face, you should additionally spray the hydrolate on the skin to maintain the appropriate level of hydration.

After shaving and depilation soothing agent: use the hydrolate as a soothing liquid after depilation – spray directly on the after shaving and depilation areas to soothe irritated skin.

As a compress for minor wounds and abrasions: soak a cotton pad with the hydrolate and apply a compress to the irritated skin.

As a hair conditioner: recommended for use after each hair wash, spraying directly onto the scalp and along the entire length of the hair. Do not rinse.

The 100 ml packaging with an atomizer allows for easy and hygienic dosing of the product.

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