The Gift Card is a convenient form for you and the recipient.

  • The card is combined with rebate codes and current promotions.
  • The following denominations are available: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500.
  • The card in physical form is sent to the address provided for shipping or in PDF form to the e-mail address.
  • If the purchase amount is higher than the value of the gift card, you can pay the difference online.
  • Unused funds on the card remain and can be used for subsequent purchases.
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Why is it worth giving a voucher for cosmetics?
The voucher is definitely a universal gift. It is an intermediate form between not very elegant cash and a misplaced material gift. If we only have basic information about the future recipient – e.g. favorite activity, how he or she spends the day, we are able to quite easily get out of the hassle of looking for a gift. A gift card is aurea mediocritas, the golden mean in a sea of gift ideas. Thanks to it, we are giving an intangible gift – and at the same time we are sure that our recipient will make the best choice.


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