It has antiseptic properties, helps with problems with the upper respiratory tract, and also supports the fight against acne and unwanted skin changes.


Natural Essential Oil – Tea Tree is 100% natural ingredients. Its unique fragrance and concentrated substances make it eagerly used in aromatherapy. Usually, for this purpose, an aromatherapy diffuser is used, to which a few drops of the selected oil are dropped. Check what properties are closed in a small glass vial and see if this oil will be the solution to your ailments.

Natural Essential Oil – Tea Tree – properties
Tea Tree Oil has refreshing and strengthening properties. It is obtained by distillation from the leaves of the Tea Tree, which occurs naturally in Australia. It is commonly used for inhalation of the upper respiratory tract. Its properties make it eagerly used in ointments and creams. It helps to deal with acne and other unwanted skin changes.

Directions for use:
Always use diluted for skin contact, as there is a risk of burns!
– bath: fill the tub with warm water and add the essential oil, mixing thoroughly (6-12 drops of oil are used for one bath);

– massage: selected essential oils are added to the base oil intended for massage. Pour about 50 ml of base oil into a glass bowl or bottle, add 10-25 drops of essential oil and mix. One teaspoon (5 ml) of base oil is usually given 2-3 drops of essential oils;

– spraying: fill the water container in the aromatic fireplace with water and add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil; light a heating candle;

– sauna: put 5 drops of essential oil into 1 liter of water;

– as an adjunct to corns and warts – apply diluted lemon oil daily to the wart until it healed, taking care not to burn the healthy skin surrounding the wart. During the day, the treated blister or wart should be covered with a plaster, and left uncovered at night;

– falling asleep – sprinkle the corner of the pillow with essential oil;

– washing – add a few drops of essential oil to fabric softener;

– cleaning – pour a few drops of any fragrance oil into a container with water to clean the floor.

Do not use in the case of known allergy to any of the oil ingredients, as well as by pregnant women and children without consulting a doctor first.

Store in a tightly closed bottle in a dark and cool place.
Use diluted in oil (it is not recommended to dilute with water, because oils do not dissolve in water but in oils), and shake the bottle before each use. Do not use internally, i.e. do not drink.

In the event of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of the reach of children. Before applying the oil for the first time, an allergy skin test should be performed.

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