It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, has a relaxing and anti-stress effect, improves mood and calms down, improves blood circulation and warms up when used during massage, supports skin care. Especially recommended for acne and oily skin.


10 ml

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100 %

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Natural Bergamot Essential Oil is 100% natural essential oil, i.e. plant extract of bergamot fruit (bitter orange).
Bergamot oil is obtained from the fruit of the bergamot tree. It is an excellent strengthening oil.

Meet Natural Bergamot Essential Oil
It has a relaxing and anti-stress effect, improves mood and calms down, warms up when used during a massage, supports skin care. Recommended especially for acne and oily skin.

The use of essential oil
You can use the oil in many ways.

BATH: use 10-15 drops for bathing. All you need to do is to dose the oil into the stream of running water while filling the bathtub so that the oil is evenly distributed in the water.
MASSAGE: use up to 5 drops for one tablespoon of massage oil (you can use one of our natural oils available in the store).
AROMATHERAPY: use a few drops of essential oil for your aromatherapy fireplace and enjoy the unique fragrance.
HOUSE CLEANING: put a few drops in the water you use to clean the floor, it will make your house smell extraordinary.
ASSISTANT WITH A COLD – add a few drops to the inhaler and feel a pleasant relief in breathing.
Indoor inhalations will refresh the air, soothe nervous tension, emotions, stress and depression.

Note: We always use essential essences in dilution, selecting the appropriate carriers, i.e. vegetable oils. The essential oil is highly concentrated, it can cause allergy.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the oil’s ingredients.
Do not use by pregnant women and children without consulting a doctor first.

Store in a tightly closed bottle in a dark and cool place.
Use diluted. Shake the bottle before each use. Do not use internally (do not drink).

In case of eye contact – rinse with plenty of water. Keep out of the reach of children. Before applying the oil for the first time, an allergy skin test should be performed.

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