BOSQIE’s marigold hydrosol is 100% natural. It has strong cleansing and astringent properties. Perfectly cleanses and strengthens. Due to its properties, it is perfect for problematic, acne-prone, inflamed skin as well as for sensitive skin. Accelerates the process of epidermis reconstruction. It has a beneficial effect in the case of skin diseases, rashes, scratches, abrasions, sunburn, scars, bites and as a cleansing tonic for daily skin care.


100 ml

Naturalne składniki

100 %

Szybka wysyłka

w 24h




Marigold hydrosol is a cosmetic especially recommended for problematic skin. It will soothe, reduce redness and prepare your skin for the absorption of the nutrients of the cream. Forget about dry and sallow skin, because the hydrolate will soothe it.

Benefits of using Bosqie marigold hydrosol:

  • supports the regeneration of dry, irritated skin, prone to redness and infection,
  • soothes irritations,
  • has strong strengthening and cleansing properties,
  • detoxifies the skin,
  • has a gently astringent effect.

Calendula hydrosol is recommended for people:

  • with sensitive skin with a tendency to redness,
  • as care for dry, flaky skin,
  • with oily skin, prone to blemishes,
  • with skin damage, e.g. with sunburn, scratches, abrasions,
  • as a scalp tonic, helpful for irritated and flaky scalp,
  • preparing their own masks, e.g. by adding Bosqie to clay.

Recommended dosage: 1 – 100%, can be used directly on the skin.

Usage method
Use the hydrolate as:

-tonik: spray directly onto cleansed facial skin and apply cream, serum or oil.
-mask base: combine a small amount of hydrolate with the powder of the mask or clay and mix thoroughly.
-compress for minor wounds and abrasions: soak a cosmetic pad with the hydrolate and make a compress on irritated skin.

Calendula hydrosol is a unique product that will help you fight acne and unwanted blemishes.

The packaging with an atomizer allows for easy and hygienic dosing of the product.


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