Many people are now struggling with a deteriorated condition of their skin. This may be related to inadequate care, constant wearing of masks (not changed often enough) and diet. There are unwanted guests: pimples, pimples, and finally we have the impression that our whole face is one huge volcano. Skin acne lesions are not the easiest to deal with. What to do to get rid of acne? Can new breakouts be dealt with? It turns out that proper facial skin care can do wonders, and you can read about it in our guide today.



Wet application of makeup remover

There are make-up removal products on the market that can be used on wet face skin. However, the overwhelming majority of fatty substances (and such are e.g. make-up removing oils) work best with our contaminated skin without additional water. Only after the product has completely dissolved the impurities, wash your face with water.

Using only one facial cleansing product

Consider if you know people in your environment who finish the stage of facial cleansing with micellar fluid? This is one of the fundamental mistakes. Micellar fluid / oil or cream are great products for the first stage of facial cleansing – make-up removal or getting rid of greasy sebum accumulated during the day. However, it must not be forgotten that this is a stage, not a whole process. These products will perfectly wash away lipid fractions accumulated on the skin. However, they should be rinsed thoroughly with water afterwards, and then a foam / gel / emulsion should be used to wash off any remaining impurities.

Excessive frequent / infrequent washing of the face

How often do I wash my face? It is important to carry out the face cleansing process in the morning – when our skin has accumulated night pollution, dust and in the evening – after the whole day. Due to the pollution present in the atmosphere (associated with increased emission of exhaust fumes), our skin is bombarded with substances that do not serve the skin at all. Of course, it is also advisable to wash your face after exercise, e.g. training. Too frequent washing of the face leads to an imbalance in the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis, which may also cause pimples. As you can see, over-zealousness sometimes does not pay off and in this case we should be guided by the Horacian aurea mediocritas.

Dry your face with a dirty towel

In the care of acne-prone skin, it is very important to dry the skin carefully. A common mistake is to rub the face too roughly, which causes the microbes to spread and new surprises appear on the next day. Additionally, attention should be paid to frequent towel changes and – if possible – using a different body towel and a different one for the face.

Washing your face with gray soap

What is the pH value of our skin? The pH of our skin is slightly acidic and is around 5.5.

It is caused by the activity of hydrolases present in the epidermis. The acidic reaction of the skin is related to the defense against pathogens, which mostly prefer alkaline conditions for their development. Washing the facial skin with gray, alkaline soap will make microorganisms grow on it even more.

As you can see, the act of washing your face is not so obvious and when asked “how to wash your face?” many articles can be written. If you are looking for suitable skin care products, be sure to click here and check what products are in our offer. If you have any questions about cleansing the skin of the face, write to us on Messenger.