Natural shower gels

BOSQIE natural body soaps contain only natural ingredients.

They stimulate the growth of skin-friendly beneficial bacteria, while preventing the development of harmful bacterial flora. BOSQIE shower gels reduce the risk of infections and skin diseases. The cosmetic rebuilds and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, preventing allergies and irritations. A simple care gesture becomes a true luxury.

Natural body soaps with prebiotic

Thanks to natural ingredients, they have a beneficial effect on the skin – they regenerate the natural hydrolipid coat of the skin.

BOSQIE natural soaps can be used by everyone – even children. They do not affect the natural protective layer of the skin. They help to eliminate the harmful effects of external factors. They are created only from natural raw materials, enriched with attractive fragrances.

Prebiotic shower gels with peeling

We recommend fine-grained pumice scrubs in a light, delicate and fragrant gel. They gently exfoliate, effectively smooth and refresh the epidermis. They give the skin radiance and energy. Complement your daily cleansing care. Ideal for daily use instead of shower gel. For all skin types, genders and ages. Dermatologically tested and safe for allergy sufferers.

The BOSQIE range of natural cosmetics includes unique and complementary cleansing products with surprising formulas. Thoroughly washed and cleansed skin becomes radiant and glowing.


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