A natural first aid kit

When we were little, our grandmothers would often lubricate us (or at least most of us) when we felt worse with ointments and creams with very interesting scents.

It is well known that cosmetics cannot cure. However, they can act supportively and have many positive applications. That is why we recommend our natural herbal rubbing creams. This is a natural first aid kit that everyone should have in their home.

Natural rubbing cream

BOSQIE rubbing cream is recommended for a variety of painful conditions, e.g. muscle, joint and spine pain resulting from arthritis, sports or injury. The beneficial essential oil essences have an analgesic, warming and relaxing effect. Rubbing and inhaling helps to reduce the symptoms of a cold by helping to clear a blocked nose, and makes breathing easier. It supports falling asleep.

Natural marjoram and herbal cream

A unique combination of six herbs combined with beeswax provides breathing relief in case of upper respiratory tract disorders (helps with blocked nose) and alleviates symptoms of motion sickness. It also soothes insect bites and swellings. Indispensable in every home.

Essential oils

Essential oils are particularly useful in aromatherapy. Eucalyptus and camphor are often the scents we remember from our childhood when we were sick. They helped us to feel better to a great extent.


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