Make-up Removal & Cleansing

Cosmetics for make-up removal and facial cleansing – prepare your skin for the cream.
Discover the best natural cosmetics for face cleansing.

Properly cleansed skin is the basis of facial care, also for men. Thoroughly removing impurities allows the skin to breathe and keeps it looking healthy and radiant.

BOSQIE natural facial cleansers are a safe solution without fear of skin irritation. We replaced traditional detergents with plant extracts with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and regenerative properties. The raw materials we used wash perfectly without causing irritation.

We often do not realize how polluted our skin is at the end of the day. Dust, smog, sweat, bacteria and other external factors contribute to the fact that your skin is loaded with several layers of invisible and imperceptible dirt.

BOSQIE natural cosmetics tone the skin, strengthen it and refresh it. They eliminate all imperfections such as pimples, blackheads, make the skin smooth and nourished. All the impurities that our skin comes into contact with during the day create a barrier for the nutrients from the creams that we use. As a result, using the best creams available on the market would be pointless. Choosing the right facial cleansers and using them regularly and correctly is equally important.

Micellar lotion

Its main task is to cleanse, remove make-up and refresh the skin. What is more, with regular use it can reduce the visibility of pores and soothe irritation. In its composition you will find mainly micelles. These are microscopic particles of spherical shape that bind with makeup residues, sebum and impurities accumulated on the skin throughout the day. It is especially recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin.

Face cleansing and make-up removing cream
A gentle facial cleansing cream that makes makeup removal a real pleasure. Simply apply the cream to a cotton pad and use gentle strokes to remove makeup and impurities from the skin. The new generation of non-foaming facial cleansing – restores radiance and softness to skin. Gently and effectively dissolves makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface. Effectively cleanses, refreshes and moisturizes.

Facial cleansing oil

Cleansing your face with oil may seem absurd. But it makes sense when you remember the principle that fat dissolves fat. And this translates perfectly to our face! The molecules of one type of fat (makeup remover oil) mix with the molecules of another fat (dirt and grime accumulated on our skin) and are easily removed from our skin.


Hydrolats and floral/herbal waters are products designed to wash and refresh the skin. The basic task of a hydrolate is to restore the proper pH of the skin which has been cleansed with cleansing products. Hydrolate molecules penetrate deep into pores, gently exfoliate epidermis, remove excess sebum, remove microorganisms from skin, disinfect and soothe irritation.

Remember that the selection of appropriate and effective cosmetics has a significant impact on the daily condition of your skin. Makeup removal and facial cleansing are very important steps on the way to beautiful skin. Do not let simple neglect or lack of time cause your skin to age faster. Give it a healthy look and glow by using proven and effective facial cleansers. Well-chosen facial cleansers and skin care products can completely change the appearance of your skin.


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