Lip protection

In our cosmetics bags there are many lip conditioners, color or care lipsticks. But are they really going to take care of proper and natural nourishment?

A French consumer advocacy organization tested a number of protective lipsticks and lip balms. The results were alarming. It turned out that most of them contained substances dangerous to health. When we lick our lips, many of these substances penetrate our body, accumulating in organs and cells, causing “poisoning”. Accumulation of toxins over time results in lowering our body’s resistance. The cause is allergies, hormonal disorders or cancer. Fortunately, there is a growing number of consumers who, taking care of themselves and their loved ones, more and more often turn to the centuries-old valuable ingredients used in natural cosmetics.

We are returning to nature, because there is truth, simplicity and beauty in it. This is the direction in which the BOSQIE brand is heading. It settled down in nature to share the knowledge it has and give it to you in its products. The result is BOSQIE Natural Mango Lip Mousse with 99% ingredients of natural origin. In addition to the valuable properties of Mango, responsible for stimulating the repair and regeneration processes, the composition also contains a complete beeswax, coconut oil, vit. E , zinc, linseed oil and rice oil to provide our lips:

shielding effect, the lips will become less susceptible to unfavorable conditions, the lips will become smoother, give them elasticity,
hydration and softness, a high regeneration and nourishment factor,
a pleasant shine.

Natural lip care

Let’s remember that the beautiful appearance of the lips will make the daily correct and natural care. Let’s take care of it. Let’s also use BOSQIE mousse at night. At night the skin absorbs valuable ingredients even more intensively. What’s more, let’s also stimulate blood circulation in our lips by caring for them with a toothbrush massage or indulging in a kiss ;-) and we will keep healthy, passionate and well nourished beautiful lips.


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