Hydrolats and floral waters

Wondering what hydrolats, also known as floral waters, are? They are natural floral waters that cleanse, tone and condition the skin.

BOSQIE hydrolats and floral waters regulate the secretion of excessive sebum. Regular use of hydrolates supports elastin formation, making skin smooth, well-hydrated and firm. Hydrolats have a proven anti-inflammatory effect, and thanks to a high content of flavonoids and anthocyanins they effectively soothe and calm irritation and reduce skin hypersensitivity.

Application of BOSQIE hydrolate

BOSQIE floral waters are designed for all skin types, whether oily, acne-prone, dry or mature, as well as for delicate and damaged skin. These precious waters are gentler than fragrance oils and have a pH level close to the skin’s natural pH. They stimulate cell division, so they have a soothing and regenerating effect; helpful in healing wounds and minor skin damage. Recommended as an aid in the treatment of atopic skin lesions, eczema and psoriasis. They can be used as a substitute for daily face tonic. When rubbed into the scalp, they strengthen the roots, inhibiting their loss, stimulating growth and also protect the hair fiber itself. They have a delicate antiseptic and soothing effect.

Hydrolats are widely used in natural care, they are used mainly for cleansing and toning. They can be used as: facial tonic, base for BOSQIE clay masks, compress for minor wounds and abrasions, hair conditioner. Their regular use improves the appearance and condition of the skin. They work great as a finishing spray, as the last step of makeup, which takes off the powderiness and gives a natural finish to makeup.

Thanks to their plant content, hydrolats are great for skin care. While your complexion is still damp from the hydrolate, apply your favorite oil, serum or moisturizer.


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