Soaps & hand scrubs

Introducing our natural soaps and hand scrubs to make your hands your pride.

Hand soaps

Natural hand soaps contain only natural ingredients straight from nature. We did not want to include synthetic substances that are so readily used by other manufacturers. We realize that the use of stronger detergents in cosmetics is acceptable and legal – however, our mission is to do away with synthetic compounds that are commonly considered “safe” but not really necessary.

Hand soaps stimulate the growth of skin-friendly beneficial bacteria, while preventing the growth of harmful bacterial flora. BOSQIE soaps reduce the risk of infections and skin diseases. The cosmetic rebuilds and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, preventing allergies and irritations. A simple care gesture becomes a true luxury.

Natural hand soaps with prebiotic
Thanks to natural ingredients they have a beneficial effect on the skin – they regenerate the natural hydrolipid coat of the skin.

BOSQIE natural soaps can be used by everyone – even children. They do not affect the natural protective layer of the skin. They help to eliminate the harmful effects of external factors. They are made of natural ingredients only, enriched with attractive fragrances.

Hand washing is not only a hygienic duty, but also a pleasure for the senses. Delicate gel lathers perfectly, leaving the skin impeccably clean and moisturized.

BOSQIE range of natural cosmetics includes unique and complementary cleansing products with surprising formulas. Thoroughly washed and cleansed skin becomes radiant and glowing.

Swap your liquid soap for BOSQIE’s natural hand soap for its certified effectiveness and quality.

After washing your hands with soap, use natural prebiotic hand creams to support the natural care of delicate hand skin.

Hand and palm scrubs

BOSQIE hand scrub is designed for all skin types. Especially exposed to external factors, damaged and disrupted protective barrier of epidermis. It effectively removes dead and keratinized epidermis, but is also extremely safe for the skin. It provides the skin with necessary nutrients and renews epidermis, restoring its elasticity.

Peeling the skin on your hands improves its color, firms and smooths it, as well as stimulates blood circulation. Delicate, fine-grained BOSQIE peeling is a very pleasant, stimulating massage. The skin after the scrub is lubricated and flushed, as the massage stimulates blood circulation, refreshes and regenerates the skin.

BOSQIE Hand Scrub is dermatologically tested, gentle for sensitive hand skin. It contains no chemicals or irritants. Use it interchangeably with BOSQIE liquid hand soap or in place of soap.


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