Natural prebiotic hand creams

They naturally moisturize, instantly regenerate and exhibit highly nourishing properties.
They show anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, wound healing, cleansing, making the skin elastic and tightening. The tannins contained in the ingredients have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. When applied on the hands, the cream forms a protective film on the skin – without stickiness and greasiness – which protects against moisture loss and the harmful effects of external factors. Already after the first use the skin is smoother, stimulated to produce new cells, thanks to which it looks younger, radiant and easily absorbs active ingredients contained in cosmetics.
Use regularly, especially after washing your hands, and your hands will be beautiful and smooth.

Natural cosmetics

All BOSQIE hand creams contain 99% ingredients of natural origin, are safe for allergy sufferers and dermatologically tested.


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