Essential oils

BOSQIE essential oils are 100% natural. They are highly concentrated extracts from plants, fruits, herbs, flowers and tree sap. The organic origin of the ingredients has a beneficial effect on humans, exerting a specific influence on their bodies. Each oil has its own specific properties, like the plant from which it was extracted. Essential oils can be applied to the skin when mixed with a base oil such as sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, sesame seed oil etc.

Our oils meet all standards for marketing authorization, IFRA conditions, safety cards, laboratory analysis, numerous certificates and are dermatologically tested.

Our many years of experience, passion for aromatherapy and full documentation mean that we can guarantee our customers only the highest quality products.

This all contributes to the effectiveness and safety of the therapy. We have a wide range of products, which can be purchased in pharmacies, herbal and medical stores, drugstores with natural cosmetics, as well as through mail order. With us, you save time searching for the best natural essential oils.

Experience the effectiveness of oils

The power of natural  oils is irreplaceable. They exhibit powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-aging effects, and are also a valuable source of active ingredients and vitamins, allowing them to provide excellent protection for our bodies.

They are most often used for massage, inhalation, bathing, sauna, as well as for body, skin or hair care. Essential oils of natural origin bring effective therapeutic results for various ailments.

Natural essential oils are called “natural first-aid kits”. They can work wonders – they bring immediate results. After using them, you will reduce the use of commonly available pharmaceuticals.

Discover the power of nature!

Essential oils have a positive effect on your mood, they combat stress and tension and even some physical ailments such as headaches, hyperactivity and insomnia. The oils have beneficial effects on the skin, physical, mental and emotional well-being. Natural essential oils can be used alone or in addition to other products.

Properties of essential oils

A common characteristic of oils is their high volatility and poor solubility in water. Oils dissolve best in fats and alcohol, which is why they are highly valued in perfumery. Each essential oil is characterized by unique aromatherapeutic and care properties.

Use of essential oils in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy consists in introducing essential oils into the body through the respiratory tract and also through the skin. The simplest, at-home way to perform an aromatherapy treatment is to use a ceramic fireplace and heat the oil with a little water to release the healing aroma. The benefits of aromatherapy are successfully used by professional spa and wellness salons, for example, during massage, skin care or therapeutic treatments. Remember that you can mix several essential oils together to create unique fragrance compositions. Learn how to combine oils, experiment with scents, and enjoy their healing properties.

All essential oils are sold in dark glass bottles to protect the oil from light and oxidation.


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