BOSQIE clays are 100% natural.
The clays contain valuable trace elements, firm, cleanse and oxygenate the skin.

They are gentle on the skin and at the same time contain a valuable wealth of minerals that show intensive nourishing and caring properties.

Properties of natural clay

Clay works on the principle of absorption, absorbs impurities and toxins, but also smooths the skin. It nourishes and strengthens the skin, reduces dryness and flaking, cleanses and smoothes the skin. It removes dead cells and stimulates tissue regeneration.

The use of clay
Cosmetic clays can be used to make masks and care baths.

The clay is also recommended for hair care and whole body skin care. After application, the skin becomes relaxed, smoothed and naturally beautiful.

Clay has a negative charge and attracts positively charged particles, which are present in toxic substances, pollutants and makeup residues. Clay masks have an antibacterial, remineralizing and scarifying effect. They smooth and firm the skin, remove dead skin cells and have a mineralizing effect.

Note: When preparing a clay mask, remember that clay should not come into contact with metal objects, because it can lose its beneficial properties. It is best to prepare the clay mask in a ceramic vessel, using a wooden, glass or ceramic mixing device, e.g. a spoon or a stick.

The composition of minerals is responsible for the color of clays. It is the elemental ions that give these precious products their color and particular properties. Therefore, each clay has a different task and has a different effect on the skin. There are several types of clays. Get to know the most popular ones!


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