BOSQIE natural body scrubs are cosmetics that help exfoliate and remove dead skin, and thus visibly improve the condition of the skin. They regenerate and improve skin firmness. They have strong anti-cellulite properties and effectively remove dead skin cells. Gently cleanse and refresh the skin. Thanks to natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals and nutrients they strengthen the skin, making it smooth and elastic.

Prebiotic peeling shower gels

We recommend fine-grained pumice body scrubs in a light, gentle and fragrant gel. They gently exfoliate, effectively smooth and refresh the epidermis. They give the skin radiance and energy. Complement your daily cleansing care. Ideal for daily use instead of shower gel. For all skin types, genders and ages. Dermatologically tested and safe for allergy sufferers.

Exfoliating scrubs

The power of minerals closed in a handy jar, prepared for the most demanding skin. BOSQIE’s coarse-grained, oiling scrubs are designed to mineralize and deeply exfoliate the skin. The magnesium contained in them is effectively absorbed by the skin, and during peeling it exfoliates dead epidermis to provide valuable nutrients to the skin.


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