Natural body lotion

Discover the best natural cosmetics, body lotions. Feel the joy of touch and the assurance of providing your skin with rich active ingredients from Mother Earth.

Our skin encounters many external factors during the day . The sun, wind, frost, changing temperature, as well as the clothes we wear, which contain substances that are not always good for our skin. Often we do not realize what adverse effects this may have on the condition of our skin. We face dryness, flabbiness or irritation.

Body butters and lotions

Taking care for our skin Bosqie natural products offer nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing body butters and lotions. Specially selected compositions of natural ingredients have a positive effect on the structure of our skin. They perfectly regenerate and nourish. They have an anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory effect and improve skin elasticity.

Prebiotic body balm
Apricot-Basil Body Lotion contains prebiotics, which have a beneficial effect on the restoration of positive bacterial microflora. Prebiotics create a microbiome that contributes to a healthy appearance. They stimulate the activity and maintain the balance of microflora and proper pH of the skin. It is important to take care of ourselves in our everyday life and enjoy a beautiful, healthy and well-groomed body.

Massage butter

Bliss, relaxation and stimulation of the senses for our body and soul will provide a unique natural massage butter Chocolate and Lavender. It will introduce us into a state of serenity, release the body from tension.

Natural dense body massage butter deeply regenerates, moisturizes and supplements deficiencies in nutrients of dry skin. Excellent natural composition of chocolate and lavender scent provides a pleasant experience, and the rich benefits of butter and beeswax perfectly regenerate and lubricate the skin, making it more resistant to drying. Vitamin E contained in the product accelerates collagen production in the skin, delaying the cell aging process. It activates and nourishes the skin, improving its blood supply.

Take care of yourself. Feed your senses with the gifts of nature from BOSQIE.


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