Bath salts

You do not need a qualified physiotherapist or beautician to conjure up a Spa Kingdom in your bathroom. Highly selected ingredients will help you feel the beneficial effects of Divine products.

Natural prebiotic bath salts

In its range of beneficial care products, BOSQIE presents natural prebiotic bath salts. They contain a complex of bio-elements that promote well-being. While bathing, the salts stimulate metabolism and support anti-cellulite treatments. They have a beneficial effect on our health. They provide a deep detox, cleansing, which contributes to improving the appearance of the skin. Bathing in salt effectively detoxifies, deacidifies and cleanses the body of toxins. The content of herbs in Bosqie salts effectively strengthen the effects of minerals on our body. They help with ringworm, psoriasis and skin problems. They work anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal. They calm, regenerate painful muscles and strengthen our skin. Salt added to water softens it, so our skin does not dry out. It becomes smooth, nourished and soft.

Salts for special tasks (carnalite, magnesium bitter EPSOM)
Highly mineralized BOSQIE bath salts have strong care and therapeutic properties. Immersing your body in such precious minerals will allow your skin to regain freshness, vitality and soothing. Magnesium improves heart function, has a beneficial effect on the brain and strengthens muscles. It is through the skin that magnesium is absorbed most effectively, which is why bathing in effective, proven salts is so important. They have a positive effect on the elasticity and smoothness of the epidermis. Bioelements contained in BOSQIE salts are not only absorbed through the skin, but also have a beneficial effect on our lungs, promoting the treatment of respiratory tract. Effectively relieve rheumatic pains, arthritic, as well as post-traumatic ailments. They reduce swelling of legs. They prevent muscle cramps and alleviate migraine disorders and make it easier to fall asleep.

Thanks to the combination of precious gifts of nature with the expertise of the people who create BOSQIE products, we can already replace an expensive visit to the spa with therapeutic wellness in our own bathroom. We can also feel safe, because all BOSQIE products do not contain harmful agents that adversely affect the body and skin.

Purification, mineralization, skin renewal with BOSQIE natural bath salts.


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