We associate summer with warmth and sea breezes or mountain views. Everywhere you can hear the buzz, the sun is warm, and we have this wonderful feeling “I don’t have to do anything”. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we stop for a moment of blissful relaxation and rest, our skin still works the same as during non-vacation time. And we often don’t make it easy for her.


It would seem that meditating on the condition of our skin in summer is as senseless as it is absurd. What could be better than a summer’s carelessness over the rustling sea? What can harm the relaxed skin of a relaxed owner? And yet! Let’s look in the mirror after returning from vacation trips. Discoloration? Freckles? Redness? Spider veins? Peeling skin from the nose?


Let’s not panic. If summer care has not been properly approached, it’s time to plan B, and therefore implement emergency care. The skin should be taken care of so that the unfortunate times are forgotten and the skin regains its former glow. The sun’s rays make our skin insufficiently moisturized and the collagen structure weakens. UV rays are also responsible for damaging the protective hydrolipid coat, which in turn results in the rapid evaporation of water. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to reorganize your care.


Let’s not be afraid of peeling. Of course, like everyone else, we want to keep our tan. However, the skin itself will start to peel off, especially after too much sun exposure. At the beginning, when you return, let your skin rest. Wait until you notice that it is not irritated and is exfoliating on its own. Exactly then use a peeling, eg Natural Prebiotic Peeling. Thanks to this, you will remove dead skin cells and your skin will acquire an even color.


The right choice of cosmetics is extremely important. Especially after summer, the skin may be dry and red, which is why it requires special treatment. For the day, it is better to choose light creams and lotions that will not be heavy, and at the same time moisturize the skin and protect its natural hydro-lipid coat. Our DIVINE cream – day elixir with a light formula will be perfect for the face. You should also remember about other parts of the body – here we offer you natural prebiotic balms that will take care of restoring the positive bacterial flora.

At night, choose thicker and fatter lotions or cosmetic oils. If you are wondering how to choose the right product, check the product descriptions on our website.


Cosmetics and their proper selection are one thing, and a balanced diet is another. It is worth supporting regeneration and care from the inside. The diet should be rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as in antioxidants (vitamin E is a great antioxidant). This combination of vitamins will help rebuild the epidermis, reduce oxidative stress caused by various factors that took place during our vacation. Also, do not forget about the appropriate micro- and macroelements. For beautiful skin, it is worth including zinc, selenium, copper and iron in your diet. In addition, hydration is also very important because thanks to it our cells are properly moisturized. Make sure you drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day.


August is a beautiful month, it’s still summer but usually losing its strength. The end of August is a real prelude to autumn, which we will look forward to in September. It is worth planning your cosmetic rituals, finding out what the skin needs to let go of the experiments in the fall, and just turn on proven autumn care that will prepare the skin for the cold winter. Stay with us – together we will make sure you look radiant and young.