Choosing the right oil for hair oiling treatment can leave many women awake at night. There is a wide range of oils available on the market: safflower, grape seed, sweet almond … how to choose an oil that your hair will love? You don’t have to worry anymore, we explain everything today!


First, we will determine the structure of your hair. There are three types of porosity: low, medium and high porosity. And it depends on what type of care will be the most suitable for your strands. Thus, determining the porosity becomes the necessary basis, the first step on the way to shiny, healthy and strong hair. Thanks to this, you will choose the perfect cosmetic for your hair.

Everything is based on the structure of the hair.

Low porosity hair has cuticles that fit tightly against each other. Usually such hair is shiny and smooth.

Medium porosity hair has visibly raised cuticles. They tend to wavy, are a bit dull, the ends may split.

High porosity hair is hair that has very raised and protruding cuticles, is often curly, frizzy under the influence of moisture, and is stiff and hard to the touch. In colloquial language you sometimes hear women refer to such hair as “hay on the head”. This type of hair may be the result of too frequent styling procedures: straightening, curling, brightening.



The water bowl test can be used to determine porosity. It consists in placing our hair in the water. If the hair goes to the bottom – we are probably dealing with high porosity hair (water got between the parted cuticles, thanks to which the lock went to the bottom). However, if it stays completely on the surface, we are dealing with low porosity hair. However, in our opinion, this test is not very reliable and it would be best to use a special camera when determining the hair structure. However, if we do not have one, it is worth performing tests (available on the Internet) that focus on many different aspects of the condition of our hair. It should also be borne in mind that once the hair structure is determined, it does not release us from determining it again after some time. Because porosity is affected by care and it changes. High porosity hair can become medium porosity, and low porosity hair – due to bleaching, improper care – high porosity, etc.


Therefore, the issues of hair structure are behind us. Now it’s time for the basics of oils. The oil is made up of fatty acids that can be saturated or unsaturated. Oils made of saturated fatty acids contain small particles that would easily penetrate the cuticles. Contrary to appearances, these oils are not suitable for medium and high porosity hair because they increase frizz.

Below we have prepared for you a list of products available in our store for specific hair types.


murumuru butter
shea butter


from hazelnut
from sweet almonds
with avocado seeds
sea ​​buckthorn


from grape seed
from safflower
from hazelnut
with avocado
from sweet almonds


It is worth approaching the selection of an oiling product with an open mind. First of all, use these natural oils without unnecessary admixtures of other compounds. BOSQIE oils guarantee you 100% natural ingredients. If a given product will not serve your hair, reach for another. When caring for your hair consciously, it is important to be patient and listen to your body. If you have questions or need help choosing an oil, write us a message, we will advise you!