When we come into the world, we gain something unique. Billions of new tenants inhabit our skin. Of course, we are not aware of it, but right now, as you read this text, life is going on on your skin. So how to take care of the microbiome? What is its function? Our today’s article is about it, so we invite you to read it.


Your skin is a very pleasant home for microorganisms. The microbiome consists of bacteria and fungi that live naturally on the skin. They protect your immunity and create the first line of defense against unwanted intruders. Continuous washing of the skin or the use of strong detergents often disturbs the skin’s balance. Caring for the flora of the intestine has become popular and causes less and less surprise. However, caring for good microorganisms that inhabit our skin still causes a lot of surprise. Completely wrong.


When the bacterial flora is destroyed, the pH of the skin can be disturbed, pathogens multiply, which in turn can lead to the appearance of acne. The skin becomes dry, rough and prone to irritation. It is more susceptible to allergens and the harmful effects of external factors. The lack of the “good” bacteria leaves room for the “bad” ones to show off. That is why conscious care is so important.


You already know what happens to the skin that loses its natural protective coat of microorganisms. Now it’s time to find out how you can counteract this.

How to take care of the bacterial flora on our skin? It’s easy. It is enough to use cosmetics with prebiotics. Prebiotics are, for example, plant raw materials, cellulose or starch. They are food for the microbiome, that is – they feed “good” microorganisms.


Our main mission was to create natural cosmetics that would contain prebiotic ingredients supporting the natural microbiome of the skin. We receive unique photos from our clients with lovely comments about how our products have changed their approach to care. Thanks to the use of natural, prebiotic cosmetics, the skin begins to nourish, its hydration is significantly improved and it becomes firmer. And that makes you smile and that’s what it’s all about. For positive emotions that accompany proper care.


With proper care, it is worth discussing the topic of #bodypositivity. In today’s world, more and more attention is paid to the importance of having the right attitude towards caring for your body. Recent media storms regarding whether body positivity promotes the fashion for ugliness show how much we still lack to understand what love for your body is all about.


After all, love for the body does not mean that we allow the body to be obese, overweight and pose a real threat to the owner. The point is to love them no matter what they are at the moment and do your best for them. Let the motivation for healthy eating not be hatred of your reflection in the mirror, but the desire to take care of yourself. Do not be motivated by giving up sugar to lose weight, but by bestowing your body on true love and respect.


Accepting your body and feeling connected with it is an important part of our lives. The damaging statement about promoting ugliness in terms of body positivity is an important lesson for us, even a few lessons. First of all, it shows how subjective the concept of beauty is, because it is not beautiful, what is beautiful, but what you like, as Jan Andrzej Morsztyn wrote. Secondly, the body does not have to be objective beautiful, to be loved and respected, to have the same right to show itself as objectively eminently beautiful bodies.


Be Divine / Divine. Feel like this / that every day at any time. Choose cosmetics that serve your body and nurture it so that it can serve you healthily for many years. Our mission is to help you take care of your skin, bring a real smile on your face and turn ordinary body creaming into a truly magical ritual that is a moment for yourself.