In today’s world, home care rituals can be as effective as those in the office. In addition, they often cost much less and can be made by us at any time, exactly when we have the time and desire. How to go about them? How to make your own time for the benefit of your beauty and mental health? We invite you on a journey of reading, during which you will discover what is playing inside you.


A ritual is an activity repeated cyclically. Familiar and safe. It is often said that it is worth introducing rituals into the everyday life of children – so that they feel safe. This is not always possible, but for those who succeed and can afford it, it helps to organize everyday life. It gives a feeling of stability, a certain invariability of the course of events. The ritual allows us to put reality in order. Of course, it’s not just about cosmetic rituals. Sometimes it can be ritualistic to drink fresh lemon water every day when you wake up or walk to work.


If you feel that you have lost a lot of time and did not have it for proper care – do not try to regain it. It is better to focus on the time in front of you than behind you, because it is impossible to regain time that only flows one way. Instead of dwelling on the past and complaining, it would be better to look forward hopefully and smile at yourself, even if extra wrinkles have appeared through neglect.

We’re busy, that’s a fact. Sometimes finding time for a coffee is almost a miracle. However, try to find time for beauty rituals. A healthy and well-groomed body is your vehicle on which you travel through life. And every vehicle needs inspections and technical tests, as well as a visit to a car wash. Otherwise, the journey may end with the mechanic, or worse – at the junkyard. After all, none of us wants to let that happen.

So if you take care of material things, your car has up-to-date technical tests, and you don’t have time for yourself – think about whether this is really a journey in the right direction? Sometimes it is worth turning back from the road that leads nowhere.


In our opinion, a well-groomed body is not enough for well-being and fulfillment. There is more and more talk on the Internet about caring for your interior. For this, some meditate, others use breathing techniques to relax. Everyone has their own way to soothe their inner self, take a distance and look at their life with a prudent, calm eye. Care rituals, when properly carried out, can also take care of our spirit. And this guiding principle guides the cosmetics we create, so that they are intended for the care of the body and spirit. It is not without reason that we have a very wide collection of essential oils in our offer. Aromatherapy is a powerful field of spiritual renewal – fragrances soothe, relax and unwind.


Our task is to inspire you to look for your own care ritual. The BOSQIE guide is a mine of knowledge and inspiration. You can find articles on the preparation of a hand SPA, relaxing baths or the use of essential oils. You will not find one recipe for beauty here, because each of us carries beauty within us. And everyone chooses ritual beauty treatments to match what they like. Some people are soothed by the aromas of the aromatherapy diffuser, others prefer splashing in a warm bath with salt and flowers. Our mission is to show you all possible paths to take care of your body and spirit. However, it is up to you which of these paths you choose to follow.