Hand skin cosmetics are the leaders in the cosmetic markets. No wonder – it was used to say that the first signs of aging can be seen on the hands. In the era of treating the skin with cleansing preparations, constant washing of hands with detergents, it is very easy to dry them. So how do we look after our hands? Today you will read 5 beauty rules that Bosqie experts have prepared for you.


As is always the case with this type of article, in order to understand the gist properly, you need to start from the beginning. In this case – from the structure of the skin of the hand. Its anatomy differs from that of the skin in other parts of our body. The top of the hand is covered with a thin epidermis, a thin fat layer, a few sebaceous and sweat glands, and we can also see the presence of hair follicles there. The inner part of our hands is thicker – after all, we grasp with our hands, we perform a lot of everyday activities. The skin there is less stretchy and devoid of sebaceous glands, but has more sweat glands and nerve endings.

There are three layers of human skin: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The skin surface is covered with a hydrolipid coat and exfoliated epidermis.


The pandemic significantly affected the perception of the hand washing process. This is the first step to getting rid of unwanted pathogens that have accumulated during the day, so the first thing we do when we return home is to wash our hands thoroughly. However, are you using the right products for this purpose? Remember that – in addition to antiseptics – they should contain moisturizing substances, vitamin C, E.


Not only do wet hands transfer germs much easier, but also not drying them leads to redness and cracks. Remember to dry the skin of your hands thoroughly after washing, preferably with a disposable paper towel or your own towel. Dry gently, without rubbing, as this can cause micro-injuries of the epidermis, destroying the natural barrier of the skin against microorganisms.


Regular removal of exfoliated epidermis has a very good effect on the condition of the skin. However, it is important not to peel too often, so as not to destroy the protective lipid layer of the epidermis. However, the selection of an appropriate, delicate preparation reduces this risk. It is also an opportunity to relax – performing a peeling hand massage is a very pleasant moment for yourself. The advantages of such a treatment include: firming, moisturizing, and regenerating the skin. If you are wondering which product to choose, click here and check which preparation suits your needs.


After washing and thorough drying, it’s time for care. It is worth taking care of this stage of caring for the skin of the hands in order to protect the hydro-lipid coat of our skin. Prebiotic preparations will work very well here, which will support the development of the right bacteria naturally present on your skin. You can read about the role of prebiotics in our previous article here. And if you want to check the offer of our creams and hand lotions, click here.


If you use aggressive detergents to clean various surfaces, you absolutely must not forget about appropriate protection. Always take care of your safety and wear protective rubber gloves in the event of a potential contact with a corrosive substance.

Not only contact with cleaning agents forces us to put on gloves. The seasons also have their own rules and you cannot forget about clothes that are adequate to the weather. In winter, when we have many unfavorable factors outside, it is necessary to put on warm woolen / leather gloves. They will protect us from cold, moisture, frost and wind.

We hope that after reading our article you will put into practice good habits. You often hear: “well-groomed hands – our showcase”, so do not hesitate and take care of the most precious treasure – yourself. If you want, we can help you choose the right cosmetic products for your daily care – write us a message.