March is coming to an end, so it’s high time for…the favorites of the month! What was the most popular among our customers this month? We are convinced that the favourites of March will not come as a surprise to many of you. What can reign on the threshold of spring?
Today we reveal some of the secrets!

Spring energy

Knock, knock – the Flower Lady has shyly arrived. Will she stay with us for good, or will she get discouraged, run away, hide behind snowflakes to come back a little later? Well, in our latitude it is quite a common phenomenon. And no matter how we ask – Mrs. Spring has her own opinion and knows when she comes for a longer time, and when she drops by only for a moment, a little abashed. However, in our hearts, spring occurs regardless of the weather. When March comes – something wakes up in us, changes, as if rushes to rediscover its beauty and potential. And no force can stop us then. Even a momentary whim of Mrs. Spring, who will turn on her heel and wait at the threshold. Do you know this inner spring energy? This spring heartbeat as if for the first falling in love? We do. And we think it is a great time to return to natural care, to good habits.


So let’s find out which of BOSQIE’s natural cosmetics you were particularly fond of in March – the month of spring.
We were not surprised to find that the top of the list was…

Natural Prebiotic Hand Scrub! 

Naturalny Prebiotyczny Peeling do dłoniOur BOSQIE Prebiotic Hand Scrub contains a natural abrasive made of finely ground pumice stone that effectively exfoliates dead skin, nourishes, and provides elasticity to dry skin for a smooth feeling. By exfoliating it stimulates the skin to renewal. It cleans clogged pores, tightens them and restores the skin’s fresh, radiant look. After the winter, during which our hands are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions: cold wind, frost, moisture, they need resuscitation. And here, as you can see, the best thing to do is deep cleansing, getting rid of dead skin. It is worth adding that our product does not affect the natural hydrolipid balance and provides optimal hydration.

Natural Prebiotic Hand Cream!

Krem do rąk Kora Wierzby i PieprzNatural strong nourishing hand cream with prebiotic, willow bark and pepper guarantees an immediate feeling of hydration and comfort. It contains willow bark rich in salicylates which, apart from regulating the process of epidermis exfoliation, facilitate the penetration of active substances responsible for maintaining the appropriate level of hydration. It also has an exfoliating effect, supports wound healing, cleanses, firms and tightens the skin. The tannins contained in the bark have an astringent effect. The high content of salicylic acid found in the bark is less invasive and easier to use compared to that introduced synthetically. It is especially recommended to apply it right after using a hand scrub. This will leave your skin smooth, moisturized and… happy!

Natural Antiperspirant!

Antyperspirant Naturalny - bezzapachowyWith the arrival of spring the temperature rises, which in turn makes us sweat more often. To prevent bad smells, you turn to BOSQIE’s natural antiperspirant, and we’re so glad you do! BOSQIE’s antiperspirant is 100% natural. Not only does it prevent unpleasant sweat smell, but it also cares for your skin. It is unscented, so it is perfect for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. Does not clog sweat glands. And above all, it works







We hope you like the new category of posts: favorites of the month. It is a great joy for us when we can share the best with you. Thank you for choosing to live in harmony with nature every day!