Face mask, solid, liquid, sheet…there is a whole range of face masks available on the market. Which of them is worth including in our daily facial care? Certainly the choice should fall on those with a good composition, without unnecessary additives. It is best when the cosmetic is obtained in harmony with nature, respecting its laws. Check what masks BOSQIE recommends. 


A face mask is a product that everyone should include in their beauty routine. The possibility of choosing ingredients of the mask according to the problem or simply our skin type makes it an extremely accurate tool in our care for the most beautiful version of ourselves. Masks should be used regularly, although in their case, the first effects are visible after the first use, which makes them really helpful. Face masks are often products rich in active compounds. Their task is to moisturize and nourish our skin. However, it is a complement to skin care – without proper washing habits and makeup removal, even the best mask will not be able to help us.


At BOSQIE we focus on natural components. In our store we offer natural clays that are mixed with hydrolate to create the perfect face mask, tailored to you. If you have a dilemma which clay to choose, we suggest you bet on moisturizing your skin. Often people with acne-prone skin focus on drying the skin, while the basis of any skin care is to moisturize.



To prepare a clay mask, hydrolats will be helpful. Here again, you should check how the ingredient works on your skin to choose the hydrolate that best suits your needs. If you struggle with eczema, calendula hydrolate will work great.

Be sure to let us know what combination of clay and hydrolate worked for you. And if you are wondering which cosmetics to choose, write to us on messenger – we will be happy to advise you and arrange care for your skin!