You can find a lot of oils on drugstore shelves. Some of them are classified as essential oils, others as fragrances. Which of them should I use for aromatherapy? How do oils work and how should they be used? Today we will answer these and other questions in the article.


In this paragraph, let’s go back in time to medieval Uzbekistan, where Ibn Sina, commonly known as Avicenna, was born. He was a Persian scientist, a doctor who, according to historians, was the first to develop the process of distilling essential oils. He used massage oils. Later, wide application of these benefits of nature created even a separate field of application of oils – aromatherapy.

From a chemical point of view, essential oils are (volatile) compounds that are obtained from various parts of plants (e.g. seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers) by steam distillation or pressing (this type of extraction is used for essential oils). citrus) or extraction with alcohol. The oil obtained from the plant can contain esters, ethers, aldehydes and ketones. However, it is worth remembering that the manufacturer does not list these components on the label and when choosing our oil, we should be guided by the fact that there is only one ingredient, e.g. oleum eucalipti globulus.


The name “essential” oil can give the wrong impression of the delicacy of the products, its volatility and very gentle action. However, you should be aware that the oil is a very concentrated substance, an essence. Their use should be prudent, in accordance with the recommendations – then we can enjoy their wonderful properties. Otherwise, we can cause irritation and even (sic!) Burns to the skin!


The properties of a given oil will depend on which plant it was taken from. The essential oil will also have the scent characteristic of the plant it comes from .. Check out our list of the most popular essential oils to find out which one is most effective for you!

bergamot – is an oil for special tasks when it comes to lightening discolorations or limiting the work of sebaceous glands. It also reduces the visibility of scars.
rosemary – used to lighten scars and discoloration, it is great in aromatherapy, its aroma has a stimulating and relaxing effect.
lavender – helps to alleviate the symptoms of inflammation, used as an adjunct in muscle and joint pain.
lemon – definitely cleanses the skin, eliminates fatigue, relieves symptoms of malaise.
tea tree oil – an oil that perfectly copes with skin imperfections, gently dries.
Cedarwood – is an oil that regulates the secretion of sebum, reduces redness of the skin, and is also used as an aid in many pains.
eucalyptus – this oil soothes inflammations, cleanses, supports colds, and is used for inhalation of the upper respiratory tract.
mint – can be used for menstrual pain, migraine and colds.
with camphor – this oil can be successfully used as a strengthening and anesthetic oil.
from fir – this oil is soothing, moisturizing and soothing.


grapefruit – tones, soothes and energizes.



Aromatherapy is a field of unconventional medicine that – like any of its kind – has many supporters and opponents. It is based on the treatment of the body through smells and is an alternative or support to pharmacotherapy. How is aromatherapy performed? You can use the oils during massage, bathing or inhalation.


This is the most popular form of using essential oils. It is enough to put a few drops of the selected oil in an inhaler, a hot bowl of water or a diffuser and enjoy the aromatic soothing fragrances. Chemical compounds of oils inhaled by us can help with many ailments. It is certainly also a way of affecting the senses, it helps soothe the nerves and relax.


Unfortunately, it is quite a controversial issue of the use of oils. This is because the oil cannot be dissolved in water, which makes it possible for the oil to come into contact with the skin undiluted, which is not safe. However, there is a way!

It is enough to dilute the oil with the base oil, thanks to which it will be safe for our skin.


The oil can also be added to a cosmetic, e.g. cream or lotion, to enrich its composition. However, remember about safety – learn about the contraindications to its use.


Pleasant and soothing. Such massages will surely be remembered. During the massage, the blood vessels dilate, thanks to which the active substances of the cosmetic used interact better with the skin. Here, too, you should remember to dilute the oil – no