The effects of aromatherapy are becoming more and more understood, but still most of us take it neglectfully. And as it turns out: very wrongly! Aromatherapy is one of the methods of alternative medicine. Essential oils can soothe the nerves and relieve headaches. Of course, like every preparation, they also have their own contraindications to use. Find out if aromatherapy is right for you.


Essential oils were known to the oldest civilizations. Archaeological discoveries show that doctors and priests healed with rituals using essential oils. In ancient Egypt, three oils were mainly used: Myrrh, Frankincense and Cedarwood. There are also many references in the Bible to oils (e.g., incense, rosemary) that were used to anoint the sick. Metaphorically, aromatherapy can be defined as a treatment (unconventional, natural) with a fragrance. Its secret lies in influencing the body and spirit, so it presents a holistic effect.


There are many different ways to use essential oils. Among the methods of aromatherapy, we can distinguish inhalations, aromatic baths and massages. Each of these methods has its supporters, but also opponents who, for health reasons, cannot use such methods at home.


This is by far the most popular form of using essential oils. Traditional inhalation involves putting a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of warm water and inhaling the vapors, preferably with a towel over your head. You can also use a fireplace or a special diffuser for inhalation, which will release vapors with an aromatic smell. Inhalations affect the senses, help to achieve states of deep relaxation.


An aromatic bath affects the body and spirit in many ways. First of all, warm water, in which we immerse the body, soothes and relaxes the muscles. The unique scent of the selected oil can put us in a good mood and supports, for example, a slight cold. Only one thing about the use of oils while bathing is controversial, namely: essential oils do not dissolve in water. And that puts us in danger, because essential oils are highly concentrated extracts that shouldn’t be applied to the skin without first diluting it. But take it easy! There is a way. It is enough to dilute such an oil in oil and add this mixture to warm water in the bathtub.


Or maybe a massage with the use of essential oils? It is also a form of aromatherapy! In addition, the muscles are stretched, relaxed, blood vessels are dilated, and the active substances of the oils interact wonderfully with the skin.