The first month of the new year has its own rules. Most of us are motivated to fulfill our ambitious New Year’s resolutions. But we hope your resolutions aren’t too strict, and one of them is to indulge yourself in a moment of pleasure. Today we bring you 3 ways to have a relaxing bath! 


A warm bath can put us in a state of deep relaxation. It is very important to learn to relax, to be alone with yourself and to allow yourself to unwind. A warm, aromatic bath reduces stress and has a positive effect on our mood. We decided to give you 3 ways how to make a bath extremely relaxing.


Have you heard of bathing in a decoction of herbs? The prebiotic herbal blend has an effect not only on the body, but also on the mind. It soothes, regenerates and relaxes, so if you are looking for a deep state of relaxation, it is worthwhile to look into the subject of herbs used in baths. At BOSQA we have two types of blends of specially selected herbs whose decoctions are poured into the warm water in the bath.

Prebiotic Natural Herbal Moisturizing & Soothing Bath

Prebiotic moisturizing and soothing herbal bath should be used especially for dry, red and burning skin. A carefully selected blend of herbs such as birch leaf, blanket flower, peppermint leaf, blackcurrant fruit, willow bark, oak bark and marigold basket care for skin and hair during bath. An exclusive blend of herbs from selected crops perfectly regenerates and energizes the body.

Natural Prebiotic Relaxing & Nourishing Herbal Bath

An exclusive blend of herbs from selected crops perfectly relaxes the body and nourishes the skin. It is rich in natural ingredients that affect the whole body. Carefully selected blend of herbs such as: red raspberry leaf, chamomile flower, melissa leaf, nettle leaf, elderberry fruit, hawthorn inflorescence and lavender flower nourish and relax the skin and hair during the bath. Herbs and flowers were chosen for their care properties.  The composition also contains prebiotics, i.e. special nutrients strengthening the proper microflora of the skin. The herbal bath is widely used in spas and biological regeneration.


Put 10 measures of herbs to 1-2 liters of boiling water, boil for about 5 minutes. Then strain and pour directly into a bath filled with water at a temperature of 36-40 degrees C. Then immerse yourself in the aromatic infusion. Relax and dismiss the stress of the day.

The bath should last no longer than 20 minutes. Longer baths can cause the skin to sag. For cosmetic purposes, a minimum of once a week is recommended. The herb can also be brewed in less water and used as a face mask. It is especially recommended for people with vascular skin.


The second way for our body to experience the best of nature is to prepare a bath with salt. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 4 types of natural and prebiotic salts available at BOSQIE.

They contain a complex of bio-elements that promote well-being. While bathing, salts stimulate metabolism and support anti-cellulite treatments. They have a beneficial effect on our health.  They provide a deep detox, cleansing, which contributes to improving the appearance of the skin. Bathing in salt effectively detoxifies, deacidifies and purifies the body of toxins. The herbal content in Bosqie salts effectively enhances the effects of minerals on our body.
Highly mineralized bath salts BOSQIE have strong care and therapeutic properties. Immersing your body in such precious minerals will allow the skin to regain freshness, vitality and soothing. Magnesium improves heart function, has a beneficial effect on the brain and strengthens muscles. It is through the skin that magnesium is absorbed most effectively, which is why bathing in effective, proven salts is so important. They have a positive effect on the elasticity and smoothness of the epidermis. Bioelements contained in BOSQIE salts are not only absorbed through the skin, but also have a beneficial effect on our lungs, promoting the treatment of respiratory tract. Effectively relieve rheumatic pains, arthritic, as well as post-traumatic ailments. They reduce swelling of legs. They prevent muscle spasms and alleviate migraine disorders and make it easier to fall asleep.


If you want to intensify the beneficial effects of bathing, we offer you our RELAX FOR RELAXATION cosmetic set, which consists of a herbal mixture and salt.
You can also choose your favorite salt and herbal mixture, which will create your unique blend for a truly DIVINE relaxation. Check out the Bath Salts & Herbs tab

We hope you have enjoyed our 3 ways to have a relaxing bath and have opened the path to taking care of your body and spirit. If you have any questions or need advice on choosing the right products – write to us on our social media – our experts will be happy to advise you!